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Snow White: Happily Ever After & An Enchanting Musical

I have found videos of 3 musicals based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  

At Disneyland Paris, in 2013 (it's clearly Christmas)  there was a short stage show at Le Theatre de Chateaux area just beside Sleeping Beauty's castle.  Titled Snow White, Happily Ever After, it sees costumed characters of the seven dwarves, Snow White and the Prince singing the classic songs Heigh Ho, Whistle While You Work, The Silly Song and Someday My Prince Will Come (mostly in French).  I can only imagine how difficult it is to dance around in the dwarf costumes with their oversized heads; due credit to the actors inside them for giving the dwarfs any sort of characterisation.

There's an odd scene at the end where the Prince arrives and gives Snow White something which looks like the Key to Time; so I'm not quite sure what was going on there.  There is also a brief interlude where the Evil Queen's voice can be heard and the dwarves surround Snow White and spin around a bit.  

The Queen's physical absence from this highlights the fact that, in the film, she doesn't have a song.  Disney Villains's ALWAYS get songs nowadays (and often they're the best songs) and so it always seems a bit odd that this most iconic of baddies doesn't have a signature song.

The second video is of Snow White: An Enchanting Musical which is a more permanent 'stage musical' version which ran at Disneyland California from 2004 to 2006. 

The third musical (a recording of which can also be found on Youtube) was a more traditional stage musical performed at the Radio City Music Hall from 1979 to 1980.  It includes new songs not featured in the original film.


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