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Pinocchio's Village Haus

Pinocchio's Village Haus is a counter service restaurant at Disney World Florida, themed around Pinocchio.  There are carvings and wall paintings around the restaurant depicting characters such as Geppetto, Pinocchio, Cleo and Monstro the Whale.  The building matches the 'European' feel of the film.  

The music playing is very much in the German/Austrian/Swiss 'oompah' band tradition - accordion, yodelling, large brass instruments etc.  Part of the loop plays instrumental arrangements of Heigh Ho and Whistle While You Work before moving on to a slightly odd arrangement of I've Got No Strings and other more generic 'oompah' music.

It also has a balcony area which overlooks the embarkation point of It's A Small World allowing guests to wave at each other as they float on their boats into that classic ride.

I've never eaten in it but the food looks fairly standard for the sort of restaurant it is.

The theming is lovely and the music is pleasant.  This looks like a good place to eat.

Disneyland Paris has it's own version of this Pinocchio-themed restaurant called Au Chalet de la Marionette.  The frontage of this restaurant is less elaborate and less expansive than Florida.  The carvings and wall paintings are near identical.

In the Youtube walkthroughs I watched for researching this attraction I noticed a few more details in the Paris version.  There is a lovely statuette of Pinocchio up on a wall holding a mug and a slice of cake.  Behind him is a mural of various fruit and vegetables tumbling from a corncucopia, with Honest John and Gideon hanging at the opposite side reaching out for some free food.  Both versions have a slightly strange outside/inside feel with the counter service area looking as if it is an exterior rather than an interior.  There are some interesting antler chandeliers and quaint wooden clocks, akin to those seen in Geppetto's workshop in the film.

There is a lovely fireplace area in the seating section and it seems that the murals depict many of the significant scenes from the film. 

When we recently visited Paris, we didn't eat here but it is one we would probably pay a visit to on future trips as I really like the look of the theming - and it also looks to be quite a large area allowing for plenty of customers.

Here's the music loop from the Disney World version for your enjoyment.


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