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Casey's Corner

 Casey's Corner is a counter service restaurant featured at Disney World and Disneyland Paris.  It wasn't until watching Make Mine Music that I realised that this all-American restaurant is based, quite clearly, on the segment from the film called Casey at the Bat.  As such, Casey's Corner is a baseball-themed food outlet at the bottom of Main Street USA on the left hand corner (as you face the fairytale castle).

It isn't a restaurant I have used on any of our visits.  It is often very, very busy (due to its position on Main Street USA I suspect) and my wife doesn't like hot dogs - which is what it mainly serves.  However, I do like hot dogs and a look at the menu certainly tempts me to pay a visit the next time we are in either Disney World or Disneyland Paris.

The theming fits perfectly with the turn of the century vibe of Main Street USA and directly reflects the original animation.  Standing outside the restaurant's corner location at Disney World, guests can see a huge letter C atop the entrance, below which is an almost equally as large Coca Cola sign.  The building itself is a pristine white and either side of the doorway are two statues of baseball players.  The inside area is dominated by the counter itself, a semi-circular affair with a number of till points, separated by gold railings.  The walls are covered in red and white striped wallpaper and little baseball-shaped signs indicate the entrance and exit of each till point.  The servers are dressed in baseball outfits.  Lampshades are emblazoned with the Coca Cola legend, betraying the sponsorship of the particular eatery.
The main menu above the central point of the counter has two animated characters from Make Mine Music: Casey and the pitcher - the pitcher's head moves up and down whilst Casey swings his bat at a rotating ball.  It's a fun detail.

Another room leads off from the right of the counter service area.  The Youtube videos I found of Casey's Corner didn't spend much time in this area although the baseball theming clearly continues.  There is, apparently, a photograph of a baseball team on the wall in this area which is actually a group of Disney Imagineers (there is also a hidden Mickey in a decorative plate elsewhere in the restaurant).  This area also used to show sports-themed Disney shorts but I understand this no longer happens.  Seating is available in this back room and more is outside, at small tables covered by red and white umbrellas. 

The menu at Casey's Corner consists mainly of hot dogs and one aspect I like is the presence of a toppings bar.  I remember when we visited Disney World in 2007, we ate at Pecos Bills and I loved the toppings bar which allowed guests to choose what to put on to their burgers.  This idea really appeals to me and is another reason I want to pay the restaurant a visit.

Casey's Corner also features at Disneyland Paris.  The theming is very similar and also features the animated menu sign above the counter.  There is also a side room attached featuring a variety of baseball memorabilia around a seating area.  An exit in this room leads out to Liberty Arcade.  The baseball-attired cast members and Coca Cola branding are present and correct.

At both Casey's Corners, you can be entertained by a ragtime pianist.  Playing tunes both classic and Disney with a ragtime twist it's a fun addition to the atmosphere.

I rather like the fact the pianos have mirrors allowing the pianists to see (and interact more easily) with the guests behind.  I don't remember seeing the pianist on our visits to Disney World or DLP, but, as a piano player myself, I'll certainly be listening out for them on my next trip.

Casey's Corner is quintessential Disney for me.  Even though I have never actually eaten there, it just fits Main Street USA like a glove and it's theming around a relatively obscure Disney animated short makes it a little bit more special.


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