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Main Street USA: Town Square Theater

It's time to return to Main Street USA for a tour of a couple of other fun attractions in this area.

Walt Disney World is home to the Town Square Theater.  This has been home to a variety of different attractions over the years but currently plays host to Meet and Greets with Mickey Mouse and Tinkerbell.

The exterior of the theatre is extremely grand and casts an imposing figure over the right hand side of Town Square.  It's Victorian-style decor is impressive with high columns and banners announcing the presence of Mickey and Tinkerbell.  Prior to this, various Princesses were in attendance for Meets and Greets which is evident from banners and signs visible in some Youtube videos. 

Entering the theatre, visitors find themselves in a rotunda with an intricate mosaic on the floor with a beautifully detailed ceiling above.  The entrance to the 'theatre' area proper is dead ahead with an area entitled 'Box Office Gifts' to the right.  The entrance to the theatre has two arches.  To the right is the entrance for Mickey Mouse and to the left the entrance for Tinkerbell.

Let's begin with Mickey Mouse.  Through the entrance you find yourself in a large room filled with a confusing maze of queue ropes.  The Mickey queue takes you through a door labelled Theater Offices.  Inside, the walls have various posters hanging from them along with a large cabinet.  One of the posters refers to Willie the Whale from Make Mine Music.  From this room, you enter another with red stripey wallpaper which is 'backstage' at the theatre.  There are more ornate posters and huge travelling trunks.  Atop one sits a black top hat with little white rabbit ears poking from the top.  This is because, for this meet and greet, Mickey is a magician, preparing for his next show.  Standing in front of plush, red curtains is Mickey (and sometimes Minnie) ready to meet guests.  

More recently this meet and greet has been updated to introduce the new 'talking' Mickey (now dressed as a magician).  This Mickey not only greets his guests but also performs magic tricks! It's an amazing piece of animatronics and certainly seems to be paving the way for future Disney developments.  

Returning to the entrance to the meet and greets, the left hand side will, nowadays, allow you to join a queue to meet Tinker Bell.  Entering Tink's world, you find yourself shrunk to the size of fairies, with huge plants towering over you and fairy lights blinking around you.  You may even spot some 'Lost Things' lying around.  As Tinker Bell's meet and greet has a lot of theming and special limited time events based around the Fairies films I will leave a more detailed examination until I reach those films in my marathon.


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