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Sir Mickey's

It constantly amazes me how even the most obscure of Disney features manages to find a small corner in the Disney parks - especially when more famous, high profile animations are lucky to get a sniff of presence.  Fun and Fancy Free is no different.  Although Bongo the bear is absent, unsurprisingly Mickey's performance in Mickey and the Beanstalk is recognised in two Fantasylands - the one in Florida's Walt Disney World and the one at Disneyland Paris.

In both cases, it is a shop which houses theming based around Mickey and the Beanstalk.  At Walt Disney World, guests will find Sir Mickey's.  This is a shop themed around Mickey and the Beanstalk and also an earlier short, The Brave Little Tailor (another fairy tale which shares similarities with Jack and the Beanstalk).  It is situated behind Cinderella's castle and from the outside has a distinctly medieval castle style.  Inside, to the left of the store, visitors will find a beanstalk growing through the floor and across the ceiling.  Perched on one of the winding stalks is Mickey, carrying a lantern.  Here he is dressed as he appears in The Brave Little Tailor - a blue tunic, yellow belt and red tights (although he actually has black tights in the short film).  Aside from the colours, this is a similar outfit to what he wears in Mickey and the Beanstalk.

In another corner, Minnie can be found dressed as a princess.  Minnie appears in both shorts, as a princess in The Brave Little Tailor and a queen in Mickey and the Beanstalk.

Shields and coats of arms adorn the walls around the shop and the window displays outside are focussed on the story of the Brave Little Tailor with cotton reels, needles and other sewing paraphernalia.

Hanging on one wall is a framed picture of Happy Valley, the home of Mickey, Donald and Goofy in Mickey and the Beanstalk.

Most impressive of all inside the shop - and easily missed if you don't look up - are the huge fingers, nose and peering eyes of one Willie the Giant, desperately trying to force off the roof of the shop to grab at the guests below. 

In Disneyland Paris's Fantasyland, guests can visit Sir Mickey's Boutique.  Similarly placed - near to Sleeping Beauty's castle - this shop has an enormous beanstalk growing outside.  The exterior has a similar medieval appearance.  The detailing extends to a vegetable patch on the right of the entrance which has giant-sized radishes, carrots and runner beans, next to which is rooted the giant beanstalk.

Further to the right is a second entrance to the shop which is detailed in the style of a tent, the sort that might be seen at a jousting event.  This theming continues inside with a Goofy as a knight on horseback (which is attached as if to a carousel) and lances on the walls.  There is also a beautiful stained glass window in this section of the shop.

The beanstalk itself can be found extending into the shop.  Clinging to one of the fronds is Mickey, in his outfit from Mickey and the Beanstalk (a red tunic and orangey-coloured tights).  The beanstalk is again reaching and curling around the ceiling of the shop.  There isn't, however, a giant trying to force his way in!

When we visited Disneyland Paris, Sir Mickey's Boutique was not a shop we visited and I actually think it may have been closed.  The area next to it holds Le Carrousel de Lancelot which was under renovation when we were in the park.  I do remember seeing the giant beanstalk but I'm disappointed I didn't get to see inside the shop (whether by accident or design) and it is definitely one I will make a point of visiting on our next trip (whenever that may be).


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