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Disney Emoji Blitz

Whilst my Disney movie marathon has sort of stalled a little bit at the moment (I'm trying to find an opportune moment to watch Mr Ichabod and Mr Toad), Disney is never far from my life.  My son and daughter are usually watching some sort of Disney film (recently we've had Lady and the Tramp, Wreck it Ralph and Finding Dory) and my wife and I recently saw Tomorrowland (which is excellent).

One way Disney stays present in my every day life is through the, far too addictive for its (or my) own good: Disney Emoji Blitz.

Much as with Disneyland Adventures Kinect game, I plan to coming back to this mobile phone/tablet game at regular intervals whenever it's content crosses over with my movie marathon, but first off an explanation of the game.

Disney Emoji Blitz involves matching characters on a grid, in much the same way as many a Candy Crush imitation.  The draw of this is, obviously, the Disney link and many, many Disney characters are represented by cute emojis - with more being released every month.

When I first tried to play this game it didn't really stick with me, but for some reason I tried it again more recently and became completely hooked.  What clinched it, I think, was that second time around I hit a time when the game was having an 'event'.  These are short periods where the game has a special focusand involve slightly different tasks to the normal game.  It adds an extra element and I just couldn't keep away.

The normal 'matching' game though, is still core - even to theses events - and for each game you choose to play with a particular emoji (with 4 others also appearing on the game board).  Matching the emojis scores points and coins.  In addition, matching your chosen emoji builds up their power until they are able to perform a special action.

There are also tasks the game asks you to complete to advance through levels.  This vary from playing games with a specific emoji, to scoring certain values, to combining various elements from the game (such as the thunder clouds, sunshine and rainbow stars).

Some of these tasks also form the basis of 'daily missions' which can be completed for rewards.  The catch here is that only certain emojis are allowed by each mission (up to a maximum of four - some of which you might not have yet unlocked) and there is a limit on how many times they can be used.

I'll be looking at the different emojis and special events as appropriate to my marathon so, with a few films already under my belt let's look at what we've got. 

Snow White has not yet been represented in the game (although I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of dwarves appear at some point).  Pinocchio is, currently represented by Jiminy Cricket.  Jiminy's power is to put a special rainbow star on the grid; rainbow stars can be swopped with an emoji and all the emojis of that type are cleared from the board.

The next film is Fantasia.  Sorcerer Mickey from the Sorcerer's Apprentice segment of the film was available, for a short time, as a special diamond box emoji.  To gain diamond box emojis, players must spend 200 gems (which are gained through completing missions or, more often, through spending real cash).  Sorcerer Mickey's power involves tracing a magic path to set off fireworks, clearing emojis in the process.  Also from this film is the emoji Yen Sid - the titular Sorcerer from the same part of the film.  Yen Sid is awarded to players who have achieved level 100.  His power creates a tidal wave which washes away the entire emoji board.

Next up would be Dumbo.  Dumbo has his own emoji whose power is flying across the board, feather in trunk, clearing emojis as he goes.  Bambi also features as a playable emoji and his power sees a flutter of butterflies descend on the board and clear individual emojis away.  In a recent 'Spring Event', Bambi was featured as a 'lucky' emoji meaning that using him meant a greater chance of rare items dropping on to the board (the event involved collecting these various items to complete a 'bingo card', being rewarded along the way for rows, columns and a complete card of items).

 Saludos Amigos and The Three Caballeros are not specifically represented in the game but, naturally, the Fabulous Five do feature.  Principal star of the two package features is Donald Duck.  Donald's power as an emoji involves swearing violently at the board to clear a bunch of emojis!  Goofy, who features in Saludos Amigos,  has a power which sees him 'slip' on a banana skin and reshuffle the emojis on the board.  This of course can be good or bad depending on which emojis end up next to each other.

Skipping past Make Mine Music and Song of the South which are not represented in the game (unsurprisingly in the latter's case) we come to Fun and Fancy Free which is the first 'canonical' film to feature Mickey Mouse.  Mickey's emoji is in pole position on the emoji board where the emojis you have collected, and have yet to collect, are displayed.  His power involves putting lightning clouds on the board which, when swiped, clear rows or columns of emojis.

I'll return to the rest of the emojis and special events as and when we reach the relevant films in the canon.  It's a fun game (and ridiculously addictive) so I encourage you to seek it out and give it a go.


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